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Applying a management team along with trained experts, the Aftab Oil Refining laboratory closely interacts with the Standard Office of Hormozgan Province. Acting as an accreditation laboratory and a partner of the standard organization, it has made every effort to provide quality products for domestic producers.

With the continuous efforts of the management and experts of this laboratory, it received the award for the prime quality control unit in 2018 and 2019. The laboratory operates under the defined missions to meet the requirement of the ISO/IEC 17025 Standard and the professional principles of the laboratory. All the laboratory activities are ascertained so that none of its activities conflicts with its missions and goals.

The specialized laboratory of Aftab Oil Refining is a private, commercial, and independent laboratory established in 2013 when the factory started operating.

The laboratory was established to enhance the quality of products and improve customer satisfaction. So far, it has managed to obtain the necessary certifications related to product quality from reputable national and international authorities, including the ISO/IEC 17025 certification in 2016. At various stages, the laboratory proved its commitment and ability to perform the test methods correctly and ensure the quality of results.


By observing the principles of customer orientation and keeping customer information confidential, the Aftab Oil Refining laboratory has been able to draw the attention of national and international inspection companies (e.g., SGS and Atlas) and production companies to conclude successful contracts.

Obtaining an educational certification for penetration and viscosity grade bitumen from the Standard Office of Hormozgan Province can also be considered among the achievements and capabilities of this laboratory.