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Aftab Oil Refining was founded on May 2nd, 2007. The creativity and initiative of the Aftab Oil Refinery Executive Department and the creative ideas in the petroleum fields have played a key role in making business developments at this company.


Applying novel ideas and human capital, Aftab Oil Refining has become one of the largest Iranian exporters.


Known as the largest exporter of petroleum products in the private sector, Aftab Oil Refinery applies feedstock supplied by other refineries, performs refining processes, and produces petroleum products to compete in global markets

Using our engineering capacity, we have finished designing, engineering, and constructing equipment and distillation towers within the company. Aftab Oil Refining is established on the land with more than 140,000 square meters. The refining capacity is now more than 20,000 barrels per day, and all of the products are assigned to export. The company has three straight pipelines over 7 km directly from Bandar Abbas Refinery, reservoirs site, and a private port at Shahid Rajaei jetty.
Aftab Oil Refinery as well as Persian Gulf Star Oil Company are the only two Iranian refineries that provide their feedstocks from the South Pars field.
Applying a dynamic research and development department, we have facilitated a special and customized production of cargoes in full Compliance with the standards
The set of these features has made Aftab oil Refinery internationally reputed and welcomed by customers.


In a beating heart, the dream of success makes you move.
You do not break when you fail,
You stand up, again and again, each time trying to step beyond a dream with certainty.
Be ambitious …
That is how to make a way,
That is how we made it.