30,000  tons of Rail Shipment per month
1,000  tons daily Bitumen
100,000  tons of petroleum and refining materials per month

Since the establishment of this company, the transportation unit has been played a core role in the delivery, shipment, and supply of the factory feed from reputable sources, refineries, and petrochemical factories in Iran using tankers and trucks with world-class standards and test certificates issued by competent authorities.

Using specialized and experienced personnel in the transportation industry, its large road transportation fleet, and concluding contracts with reputable transportation contractors, this unit can load and carry more than 100,000 tons of various petroleum and petrochemical derivatives per month.

Since the company’s development in 2017, the transportation unit has been loading and moving petroleum products from bases in Arak and Kermanshah by rail to reduce the transportation costs and move a larger volume of materials in a suitable lead time.
With the use of tanks and rail fleets, the company’s carrying capacity has reached more than 20,000 tons of oil shipments per month, and plans to increase transportation to 50,000 tons are underway.
In line with our transportation capacity development, Aftab Oil Refining has established wagon loading facilities in Kermanshah with necessary equipment such as railway tracks, equipped loading pumps, and generators to supply electricity.

In Bandar Abbas factories, a core duty of this unit is to load and transport the drums of export bitumen to piers. It requires well-experienced personnel and proper equipment, including edged trucks, scales, and forklifts. By using these pieces of equipment, up to 1000 tons are loaded daily and delivered to the Shahid Rajaei Pier. After loading the consignments into the containers, the legal export process is performed.

Logistic Equipment