Human Resources


Aftab Oil Refining considers human resources to be its main asset. The organization adopts a different approach to employees, especially the ones who always create value for the organization and prioritize organizational interests in their actions. Our company benefits from the active and effective participation of managers and employees in the decision-making process for organizational strategies, goals, and plans to create a sense of commitment to the organization and develop organizational culture and identity. The strategic plans and goals include training managers and employees in line with the succession plan and involving them in the process of building a company with a competitive advantage in human resource, quality production, and customer orientation.
In addition to training needs assessment and holding occasional courses requested by unit managers, the top goals of our training programs include holding other training courses to empower employees and managers in various technical, managerial, and general fields.

Based on our organizational visions and strategies, if it is necessary to inform employees in specific areas, initially the required information is collected and compiled in a proper and professional manner before any other actions are taken. The availability of this knowledge among all employees will be ensured by publishing it.
For instance, brochures were prepared for the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. They were then distributed among all employees. The necessary measures were taken prior to employees started telecommuting. After the regulations and related instructions were prepared, it was essential to ensure the full knowledge of employees about the issue. Therefore, they were sent to work remotely.

Regarding orientation towards applying youth powers, Aftab Oil Refinery has tried to attract and employ young graduates from top universities. For this purpose, the organization is willing to hire the individuals who have no previous work experience; therefore, our company has acted in order to fulfill its social commitment and responsibilities by covering training costs to empower and train the best manpower.