Aftab Oil Refinery Distillation Unit Is Ready for Operation

CEO of the Aftab Oil Refining Company said: "The Distillation unit of this company is ready for operation."

According to the Public Relations and Branding Unit of Aftab Oil Refining Company, Dr. Hamed Kaviani, CEO of this company, stated: “This distillation unit has capacity to produce 40,000 barrels of light and heavy hydrocarbons per day, and its feed is gas condensate.”

He clarified: “The Atmospheric Distillation Unit of Aftab Oil Refining Company has been built by relying on the internal power and local workforces of this company, and all stages of the design and construction of this unit were performed by the domestic experts.”

CEO of Aftab Oil Refining Company stated: “The number of employees of this company has increased from 1,430 to 2,421 people with the establishment of this unit.”