The need to hasten the process of joining the Aftab Oil Refining Company into the stock market

The CEO of Aftab Oil Refining Company stated regarding joining the stock exchange: “Considering the size of Aftab Oil Refining Company, joining the stock exchange can help us in further growth and development.”

Engineer Mohammad Mehdi Dosti during the survey of the senior managers of Iran Fara Bourse company stated that the necessary measures to join the stock exchange have been carried out for the past three years.

He added: “At the beginning, we set ourselves objectives for the growth and development of the company, and now we are already ahead of them.”

Emphasizing such continuous progress that shows our determination on the path of growth and development, the CEO of Aftab Oil Refining Company indicated that “Definitely, this growth trend will continue strongly in the future.”

Pointing to the necessity of determination to join the stock exchange, he said: “Considering the size of Aftab Oil Refining Company, joining the stock exchange can help us in further growth and development.”

Putting forward that Aftab Oil Refining Company has four core and valuable factors, which are numerically immeasurable, engineer Mohammad Ali Pishahang said: “The thoughtful, creative, and intelligent management of the company’s senior managers is one of the vital assets of this company.”

Pishahang added that in 1997, the human resources included 400 people, while “Statistics of the official insurance list of the company have now reached more than 1,200 people.”

He considered having an experienced, caring, and creative staff as the third factor and continued: “All the employees in Aftab Oil Refining Company are diligently working, which can be considered one of the factors and the secret of the success of this company.”

Emphasizing that the average age of employees is young, Pishahang added that “the future of the oil industry and the country is in the hands of these people.”

The refinery manager of Aftab Oil Refining Company, stating that setting goals in small and large matters is the fourth most important factor of this company, said: “These goals are monitored and reviewed repeatedly until they finally reach the result.”

Dr. Mohammad Shirazi, the CEO of Iran Fara Bourse Company, pointed out that companies should find new partners when they grew up and added: “This is of the company, industry, and country investment sector interest.”

Stating that the development of companies such as Aftab Oil Refinery is significantly precious for the country, he said: “Final investigations will be carried out in the context of joining this group to the stock market, and this will be realized soon.”

It should be mentioned that at the end, the stock exchange officials visited all of the Aftab Oil Refining Company sections.