200 Local Young Workers Started Working in Aftab Oil Refining Company

Two hundred local young workers (on November 8, 2023) started their activities in Aftab Oil Refining Company with the presence of senior officials of Hormozgan province.

Aftab Oil Company conducted exams from among qualified local volunteers in different levels of education in the fields and trends of chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, accounting, management, safety engineering, chemical engineering, law, (etc.) to provide the human resources it needs in the operational units and headquarters of the refinery.

More than 4 thousand and 500 people registered for this employment examination. In the first stage, a written exam was held by Hormozgan University at the end of August 2023, and in the second stage, among the volunteers, 670 people were invited to conduct a specialized and general interview. After fulfilling the mentioned interviews at the university, 200 participants were employed by the Aftab Oil Refining Company.

These local young workforces officially started their activities in this complex during a ceremony attended by senior officials of Hormozgan province.

Hormozgan Should Become a Refinery Hub

Stating that the governments are obliged to create one million jobs in the country every year, the representative of Hormozgan people in the Islamic Parliament of Iran, at the commencement ceremony of the newly hired employees of Aftab Oil Refining Company, declared: ”This necessary issue is simple in oral, but its fulfillment is so hard.”

Emphasizing that all institutions, human resources, managers, and agents should work together to achieve job creation, Dr. Ahmed Moradi said: “We should know that if the private sector did not come to the aid of the government, employment creation would certainly suffer a deep crisis, so we must support the private sector.”

He added: “Hormozgan province has many educated young people who expect jobs from the government, and this expectation is right.”

Pointing out that Hormozgan province should become the country’s oil and refinery hub, Moradi said: “This province has unique capacities in this field, and this necessary issue is based on the spatial (or land use) planning.”

He considered access to waterways, air and railways as the province capacities and stated: “capital attraction in the province should be increased.”

The representative of the people of Hormozgan in the Islamic Parliament of Iran said: “The view must change to the private sector. The authorities must support this sector decisively and practically.”

This official person stated: “When a complex brings its capital to the province, if it’s faced with a problem, everyone should try to solve that issue.”

Moradi further emphasized: “We must remove the glasses of distrust from the private sector.”

He mentioned the social responsibility carried out by Aftab Oil Refining Company and said: The construction of the former Ibn Sina High School from zero to one hundred is one of the highest activities of this complex in the field of social responsibility.

This official pointed out: “This group has taken many measures in the field of environment, health and treatment, etc., which shows the kind attitude of the officials of Aftab Oil Refining Company to the people of Hormozgan province.”

Hormozgan Achieved Third Rank of Oil and Refinery Industries in the Country

Stating that 48% of the country’s beaches are located in Hormozgan province, Dr. Ehsan Kamrani, political, security, and social deputy of Hormozgan governorate, at the continuation of this ceremony declared: “Currently, we have taken the third place in oil and refinery industries.”

Emphasizing that in the next three years, Hormozgan province will certainly be at the top of the oil and refining industries, he said: “Large industries should be built by the sea to solve the problem in the field of water and water resources.”

Emphasizing that the development plans should be based on the spatial planning document, the political, security, and social deputy of the Hormozgan governor clarified: ”The courses taught in the universities of the province should be based on this.”

This official, pointing out that Aftab Oil Refinery Company has done great work in the social, cultural, health responsibility fields (etc.), noted: “Hormozgan province has won the first rank in the country in terms of investment growth and job creation.”

Referring to the importance of sustainable employment, Dr. Kamrani said: “Aftab Oil Refining Company has excelled in the field of sustainable employment creation.”

Aftab Oil Refining, Leader in Creating Sustainable Employment

Moin Vaziri, Director General of Hormozgan Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare, in continuation of the commencement ceremony of the newly hired employees of Aftab Oil Refining Company, by commending this company, stated: ”This group has a special honor and respect for its employees.”

Stating that Aftab Oil Refining is a pioneer in attracting local young workforces, he clarified: “This company has also been a leader in the implementation of the classification plan.”

He pointed to the presence of five thousand people in the employment exam of Aftab Oil Refining Company in August of this year and said: “With entrepreneurship, you can create jobs and reduce the unemployment rate in the province, which the clear example of that, is Aftab Oil Refining Company.”

Mentioning that the unemployment rate of Hormozgan province was 18% at the beginning of my career, he pointed out: “This matter has now reached 11.5%, which will become a single digit in the near future.”

First Hormozgan Refinery of Lubricating Oil Production Will Be Built

Engineer Mohammad Mehdi Dosti, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aftab Oil Refining Company and the founder of this group, in the continuation of this ceremony, stated: “I hope that a culture will be created in the country that attracts young and inexperienced employees in industries.”

Stating that the performance of the employees of a company can lead to the development of that group and ultimately the increase of human resources, he clarified: “At the beginning of this year, the number of direct employees of Aftab Oil Refining Company was 1,517, and currently the number of employees 2,402 people have reached.”

He pointed to the development projects of Aftab Oil Refining Company and continued: “Desalination and development project 8 with a capacity of 25,000 barrels per day has been launched.”

Engineer Dosti mentioned the establishment of the first producing oil refinery in Hormozgan province and added: “With the establishment of this refinery, Aftab Oil Refinery Company will become the fifth oil producer in the country.”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aftab Oil Refining Company clarified: “We plan to increase the human resources of the complex by 30% every year.”

He said: “Another of our plans is to import a complete production set with modern technology from Italy so that we can use it for the company’s long-term projects (projects of the next year).”