The Shine of the Manager of the Year on the Chest of Aftab Oil Refinery

Aftab Oil Refining Company received the trophy of the country's manager of the year.

According to the Public Relations and Branding Unit of Aftab Oil Refining Company, the 8th National Summit of the Manager of the Year Award with the approach of honoring value-creating and influential managers in the country’s industry and economy was held at the IRIB International Conference Center.

Spreading and promoting the concepts of Jihadist and economic management, examining the opportunities and challenges of management development in the future vision of Iran’s industry and its role in sustainable development, analyzing and evaluating the ways and methods of successful national managers in the face of economic crises and international sanctions, development and growth of production and technology in the shadow of Jihadi management, relying on the internal capabilities of the country and creating motivation to achieve success in the class of successful and dynamic managers was one of the goals of this conference.

Aftab Oil Refining Company was introduced and honored as the best company in the country in the 8th National Summit of the Manager of the Year award.