Aftab Oil Refining Company: The Top Rank of the Hatam National Festival in the Field of Social Responsibility and Branding

The 5th National Hatam Festival was held in Tehran, and Aftab Oil Refining Company was introduced and honored as the country's top company in the social responsibility and branding field.

According to the Public Relations and Branding Unit of Aftab Oil Refining Company, the Hatem National Festival was held in the IRIB International Conference Center with the presence of some senior officials of the country.

The main focus of this festival course was to create a scientific mechanism to identify the improvement points of Iran’s economic organizations with an encouraging and promotional approach and try to develop them by defining improvement projects.

The creation of organizations with developed structures in their internal and surrounding environment and the possibility of joining the global value chain with authority is one of the most important goals of Hatam National Festival, and creating a dynamic platform for the stakeholders of production and trade through synergy to remove the obstacles to sustainable development in the world-class, and providing a competitive advantage can be considered as one of the prospects of this festival course.

Also, the key strategy of the festival has been to use national and international experiences in the field of economic branding and to create productive and value-creating organizations in the process of creating the national gross product with high added value, which Aftab Oil Refining Company was able to achieve and be honored as the top rank of the country in the field of social responsibility and branding of the inclusive economy at the level of society in this festival course.