The Future of Aftab Oil Refining Company Is in The Hands of Young People

The CEO of the Aftab Oil Refining Company stated that the people employed in this group did not have any work experience, said: “The future of this company is in the hands of young people.”

Engineer Mohammad Mehdi Doosti in Aftab Oil Refining Company at the beginning work ceremony of newly added employees stated that the applicants must have work experience in their specialized field to employ in 90% of the communities of the country, indicated: “Applicants must have work experience in their expertise field. At Aftab Oil Refining Company, more than 160 people passed the employment test and training course and started their activities successfully.”

Emphasizing trust in the youth, he said: “I started my work when I was 23, and I believe that our young people can lead to the growth and development of the company with their energy and effort.”

CEO of Aftab Oil Refining Company declared that the people employed by this group had no work experience before. He indicated: “Most of the managers of the first company entered the group as experts, and today they are responsible for the supervision of various units.”

Engineer Doosti pointed out that the growth path is open to all company’s employees. He added: “If a person makes an effort, absolutely he/she can grow in this group and cause the growth and progress of the company.”

He believed patience, perseverance, and learning are the three needs for advancement in the company and said: If the newly recruited persons have these qualities, they will grow significantly in the company in the next five years.

The CEO of Aftab Oil Refining Company continued: Some young people seek to achieve the desired result faster, but the work speed may be lower than their tolerance, and this issue causes discouragement. So, people need to increase their patience to achieve more success.

Engineer Doosti stated that the effort should not be stopped on the work if good results are not achieved. He added: Every person in the job position must learn new things and gain new experiences.

Emphasizing that the future of Aftab and Iran Oil Refining Company is in the hands of young people, he said: “Working with an experienced person will be easier for the supervisors of the units, but the younger people have more energy than other people and will help the growth and development of the group.”


The necessity of Alignment, Balanced and Sustainable Development of University and Industry

Ehsan Kamrani, the political, security, and social deputy of Hormozgan Governorate, at the inauguration ceremony of the new employees of Aftab Oil Refining Company, stated that during the past few years, the leader of the revolution, Khamenei, has placed very emphasis on the economic field in choosing the slogan of the year. He indicated: “Currently, the three powers gathered together to fulfill the slogan of “production, knowledge-based and job-creating” comprehensively.”

He considered natural resources, human power, technology, and entrepreneurship necessities for production and stated: “Iran has allocated seven percent of the world’s natural resources with only one percent of the world’s population.”

The political, security, and social deputy of the Hormozgan Governorate stated that attention to human resources has led to the growth of countries such as Germany and Japan. He said: “In the country and accordingly, Hormozgan province should pay more attention to this crucial issue than before.”

Kamrani informed about the activities of 52 university units in Hormozgan province and said: “Higher education planning and territorial planning in Hormozgan, should be compromised with each other.”

He stated that most of the fields of study required by Hormozgan are taught in the universities of this province, and he declared: “One of the necessities of the university area of this province is the increase of post-graduate degrees, which should be taken into consideration.”

The political, security, and social vice president of Hormozgan Governorate called the alignment, balanced and sustainable development of academic fields and the needs of the province one of the necessities. He continued: “This important makes use of all the available capacities of human resources.”

Kamrani emphasized the companies to be knowledge-based and stated: “Being knowledge-based should not be just a slogan, but should also be paid attention in practice.”


The Prosperity of Aftab Oil Refining Company by Exploiting 4 Developmental Phases

Hormozgan Chief Justice Mojtaba Garhamani referring to the formation of the headquarters for the follow-up of resistance economy policies in the judiciary over the past few years in Hormozgan province at the inauguration ceremony of the new employees of Aftab Oil Refining Company, added: “After the notification of the general policies of the resistance economy by the Supreme Leader to use the high capacity of the judiciary in realizing these policies and in line with investment security, removing legal and judicial obstacles to production and employment, and fighting economic corruption within the framework of the duties and powers of the judiciary, an action order to follow up on this matter was compiled and announced in this institution.”

The Chief Justice of Hormozgan continued: “Since the approval, more than 460 people have been directly employed by this company, which is considered great work.”

Ghahramani pointed to the investment of several thousand billion tomans of this company in development phases and said: “This amount is being invested in 4 phases, with the exploitation of them Aftab Oil Refinery Company will reach its peak of prosperity.”

He stated: “This investment will have many fruits in the production part, employment, export growth, foreign exchange, prevention of raw sales and prevention of dependence on foreign products, which is emphasized by the revolution leader.”

The Chief Justice of Hormozgan stated: “The legal protections of the judiciary for the production sector remain in force within the framework of the duties and powers specified by the legislator.”


Hiring People Without Work Experience in Aftab Oil Refining Company Is a New and Unique Act

Ahmad Moradi at the inauguration ceremony of the new employees of Aftab Oil Refining Company, declared: “The employment of graduates without work experience by Aftab Oil Refining Company is a good and new action in the collection of the private part which is unique in the country.”

Stating that this is an acceptable activity in the field of employment, he said: “Aftab Oil Refining Company has used local and long-lasting young people to provide its specialist and necessary personnel.”

The representative of the people of Bandar Abbas, Abu Musi, Khamir, Qeshm, and Hajiabad in the Islamic Parliament of Iran said: “All private, public, and private-public parts are expected to do such a thing like Aftab Oil Refining Company.”

Pointing out that the investor should make a profit equal to the investment amount, Moradi clarified: “Aftab Oil Refining Company has done something beyond profit by employing persons without work experience.”

Expressing the entry of the judicial system to solve the problems of the private part should be taken as a good omen, said: “This will increase confidence in the production part.”

The representative of the people of Bandar Abbas, Abu Musi, Khamir, Qeshm, and Hajiabad in the Islamic Parliament, emphasizing that the government promises to create employment to provide a balance in the country by implementing it, said: “The support of the parliament and the judiciary to the government can help it in the programs and goals has given slogan.”

Moradi continued: “It is our duty and other officials to follow up on the provision of feed and transportation through the pipe so that we can support such active groups.”

Stating that the creation of employment by the private sector means reducing the burden on provincial and national officials, he mentioned: “Hormozgan province is an important, economically oriented and strategic province, but the unemployment rate in the province is very high, and this fact is an injustice to the people of this area.”

The representative of the people of Bandar Abbas, Abu Musi, Khamir, Qeshm, and Hajiabad in the Islamic Parliament, pointing out that Hormozgan province has many capacities and should be used in the field of job creation, added: “There are many private-public parts that the government and the parliament help them, but they are not willing to spend Rials in Hormozgan province and build even a classroom in it.”

Moradi mentioned the construction of Ibn Sina’s old school in Hormozgan by Aftab Oil Refining Company and continued: “This company has undertaken the construction of this school from zero to hundred, which will be put into exploitation by the end of this year.”