The need to solve the feed transfer problem of Aftab Oil Refining Company

The CEO of Aftab Oil Refining Company, referring to the need to solve the problems of feed transfer to this complex, said: “The hourly concern of the officials of this company is feed transfer.”

Indicating the fact that ships over 8,000 tons are not allowed to enter the wharf, the CEO of Aftab Oil Refining Company stated, “For this reason, smaller ships deliver the cargo to the wharf in several stages, and after storage in tanks, they are finally transported to the refinery by tankers, which entails a high cost.”

He pointed out that the customs do not allow the exit of feed from the quay tanks from 24:00 to 8:00 am, and continued: “A lot of expenses are being paid for the transfer of feed from different areas, which can be spent on the repair and maintenance of the feed transfer pipeline.”

Engineer Dosti pointed out that the judiciary has played a significant role in the growth and development of this company and stated, “Our mission is to work well in order to grow and develop at a high speed.”

The CEO of Aftab Oil Refining Company emphasized that production requires love and interest, and said, “The elites of the country are ready to gather in this complex. Supporting and solving problems, they can do great things.”

Pointing out that our every-hour concern is the provision and transfer of food, he added, “The support of the authorities requires us to do our work in the best possible way.”

Saving millions of fuel by transferring refinery feed through the pipeline

In the continuation of this visit, the managers of Aftab Oil Refining Company stated that the concern of all the employees of this complex is feed supply: “Aftab Oil Refining Company has progressed step by step, and if the problem of feed supply and transportation is not solved, the development plans will face fundamental problems.”

The officials of this complex pointed out that the Aftab Oil Refinery Company is 100% domestic and private, and stated: “One of the government’s concerns is job creation, and this complex has, directly and indirectly, created several thousand jobs.”

Further, emphasizing that the country’s system needs brave people who can do a great job relying on human power and internal capacities, it was noted: “With the provision of feed for the Aftab Oil Refining Company, new forces will join the group, after which more families will benefit.”

It was also stated: “In the near future, the production capacity of the refinery will increase, for this purpose, if the feed is transported by pipeline method, several million liters of fuel can be saved to transport the feed by tanker.”

It is dangerous for tankers carrying fuel on the bad roads of Hormozgan

Alireza Ahmadimanesh, the prosecutor of Bandar Abbas, noting the fact that the private sector should be supported, stated, “Pursuing public rights is among important issues that are pursued in the Hormozgan judiciary.”

Referring to the employment creation of the Aftab oil refining company in Hormozgan, he said: “Employment creation in the private sector in the province can increase social security in the society.”

Emphasizing the prevention of selling raw materials, the prosecutor of Bandar Abbas said, “Private companies can come to the field to supply the fuel needed by the country and help the government in this field.”

Ahmadimanesh continued: “The volume of tankers carrying feed of Aftab Oil Refining Company is high, and due to the unfavorable nature of the roads, the traffic of these tankers carrying fuel is dangerous.”

By stating that there is a feed transmission pipeline in Hormozgan province, which has a good nominal capacity, he clarified: “Considering the existing capacity of this pipeline, the feed of Aftab Oil Refining Company can also be transferred through it.”

Naft Aftab should move towards exporting technical and indigenous knowledge

Jalil Salari, Deputy Minister and CEO of Iran’s National Petroleum Refining and Distribution Company, on the sidelines of his visit to Aftab Babian Oil Refining Company, stated that fuel consumption is high in the country: “Our country is fuel-oriented, not profit-oriented, and there is no thought for fuel consumption management.”

He stated that the first duty and priority of the Ministry of Oil is to supply the fuel required inside the country and continued: “The quality of the cars produced in the country is far from the standards.”

Stating that in the past, technical knowledge was bought from abroad, but today this knowledge has been localized in the country, he said: “There are great capacities in the country, by putting them together, great things can be done, and companies like yours, which are young and you have done great things, move towards exporting technical knowledge.”

Deputy Minister and Managing Director of Iran’s National Petroleum Refining and Distribution Company, referring to the youth of Aftab Oil Refining Company, stated, “This group has diversity and flexibility in product production, which has made Aftab Oil Refining Company a pioneer.”

Emphasizing that the government’s approach is to support the private sector, he added, “The work should be entrusted to the youth so that success can be achieved in any field.”

Moreover, he reminded, “If the condensate pipeline has more capacity and conditions for feed transfer to Aftab Oil Refinery, this work must be done because we are with you so that we can reduce crude sales and increase exports with higher added value”